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Create your own team of real soccer stars


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Golden Manager is a sports management game where players take charge of their own soccer team. You have to plan trainings, create lineups, draw out your tactics, sign contracts, and, of course, lead the team through the most difficult games.

From Golden Manager's main menu you can easily access the different sections for your club. The most important thing – or at least the most influential part for you team – is your lineup. Inside that menu, you can choose which players will appear in your starting 11 and who will stay on the bench. You can also select your strikers, as well as the type of strategy you want to use in the games.

Another very important aspect is the transfers menu. There you can bid on players who are currently free agents. You'll find everything there from world superstars like Messi, Marcelo, and Pogba to more affordable players from second division teams. All the players are listed with their actual statistics (including a picture).

Games in Golden Manager take place in real time and against real players, meaning you have to wait for the scheduled time for them to take place. In other words, you can't play 20 games in one afternoon; you have to wait in order to compete against other players.

Golden Manager is an excellent soccer simulator with official licenses for the players (not the teams). It's thorough enough to keep you hooked for hours.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher